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It’s surprising how many homeowners damage their hardwood floors when cleaning them.

Hardwood floors add value and beauty to your home - that’s why it is crucial to keep them professionally cleaned. Properly cleaning hardwood floors is no easy task, but the adept crew at Tropical Breeze Carpet Cleaning make it look like it is! 

Regular mopping & sweeping may make your hardwood floors appear clean, but they neglect everything below the surface and often just move dirt around. With revolutionary equipment and extraction methods, our technicians are able to clean beyond the surface to remove all ground-in dirt and unseen debris. When finished, your floors will look cleaner, last longer, and could even drastically improve the air in your home. 

When left untreated and dirty, your once-charming hardwood floors could require replacement. Replacing hardwood floors can be immensely costly, typically costing thousands of dollars... So save yourself the hassle & call on the professionals at Tropical Breeze Carpet Cleaning! Your hardwood floors will shine and look healthier than ever before; we guarantee it. 

Some of the best features of our hardwood cleaning services

  • Most advanced equipment

  • Fully trained technicians

  • Prolongs life of floors

  • Gloss coating

  • Free of dirt, grime and scuff marks

  • Sanitize floors

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